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Chiropractic Techniques

Activator chiropractic tool

Activator Methods®

Whether you’ve been a chiropractic patient for many years or have never seen a chiropractor before, you likely have an idea of what you like or don’t like when it comes to being adjusted. Many people feel concerned about having a traditional, manual style of adjustment. If that sounds like you, know that our team have the skills to accommodate you at Rhapsody’s Chiropractic and Wellness.
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Worker wrist pain

Extremity Adjusting

The team at Rhapsody’s Chiropractic and Wellness is extremely thorough when it comes to your care. It’s our aim to leave no stone unturned, ensuring that all your needs are met. Our techniques cover an array of varying methods so that we always have something that’s right for you. This includes extremity adjusting, which is designed to address all extremities in the body.
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Female chiropractor neck adjustment

Upper Cervical

You’ll discover that we use a broad variety of different adjusting techniques to suit your individual needs. If you have issues with the upper area of your neck, you may require what is called upper cervical care. Chiropractor Dr Estelle Oertel is well-versed in providing this type of care.
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Male fce down drop table adjustment

Thompson Technique

When it comes to chiropractic care, precision is essential. At Rhapsody’s Chiropractic and Wellness, we utilize highly accurate techniques that are designed to pinpoint your individual problem. One of Dr Estelle Oertel’s (Chiropractor) main techniques is called Thompson. It is a gentle, manual technique while being extremely specific, making it a highly effective choice for many of our clients.
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Diversified adjustment with male client

Manual Diversified Technique

The diversified technique is used in most chiropractic offices around the world. Diversified technique is considered a manual therapy in that the Chiropractor utilizes his or her hands instead of an instrument to deliver the adjustment.
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