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Desktop Computer, Keyboard, and Mouse Setup

woman sitting at computer desk with neck painLooking for easy ways to improve your work ergonomics at the desk? Check out these helpful tips.

  • Put Your Computer Screen at a Comfortable Height, with Important Items Within Reach. You should place your computer screen such that you can view it with a straight neck or approximately at eye level.
  • The displayed font on your computer monitor should be large enough so that you do not need to lean forward to see the screen. Address this by moving the monitor closer, changing the screen resolution, or changing the font display size. The centre of your monitor should be at eye level. A monitor shelf or books can be used to prop the monitor up. You can also buy more expensive; fancier screen stands from Warehouse Stationary or other Stationary shops.
  • Minimize glare on the screen. Use overhead diffuse lights rather than lights in front or behind you. Avoid placing your computer monitor facing or in front of windows.
  • Use a paper holder to hold papers at eye level.
  • Using a mousepad and keyboard with a wrist rest helps to minimize irritation to the wrist and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. The hand and lower forearm should line up such that the wrist should not be bent up.
  • Place your mouse and keyboard at the edge of the desk so that you do not have to lean forward or shrug your shoulders to use them. Your elbows should be bent at your side at ninety degrees.
  • Some people choose to use a natural keyboard that allows your arms and wrist to lie at their natural angles. If your wrist is angled to the sides or up/down, that will be place excess strain on the hand/wrist. This is a common cause of carpal tunnel.
  • The keyboard and mouse should be placed on a surface such that your shoulders can rest completely down, and your elbows are bent at ninety degrees. If this is not possible, see if a keyboard shelf will help.
  • Place your phone and other office items you often use within easy reach.

Looking for more tips? Contact our practice or simply ask at your next visit.


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