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Laptop, Keyboard and Mouse Setup

woman sitting at desk with laptopSometimes, we are required to work on laptops due to the flexibility that a laptop offers, allowing us to take it along to meetings outside of the office or home to do additional work that may be required.

For this reason, we need to consider how to set it up properly on our work desk, so it is both ergonomically functional and works well with all the other electronics and papers already on our desk.

Position your laptop such that the top of the screen is at or slightly below your eye level.

It should also be about an arm’s length away. This may mean investing in a docking station, which more closely resembles the setup of a traditional desktop computer. Otherwise, you should consider a laptop stand, monitor risers, or stacks of phonebooks to get your laptop at the proper height.

This also necessitates the use of an external mouse and keyboard. For easy transitions, consider an external monitor that you can use as a second screen for your laptop.

Where possible, work with a laptop on a desk surface and not your lap, as the desk surface helps to keep the laptop cool and minimize the possibility of overheating.



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