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Manual Diversified Technique

Diversified adjustment with male clientThe diversified technique is used in most chiropractic offices around the world. Diversified technique is considered a manual therapy in that the Chiropractor utilizes his or her hands instead of an instrument to deliver the adjustment.

Performing a diversified adjustment on a spinal segment, involves the use of the chiropractor’s hands, applying them to the spine and other joints of the body to make an adjustment. You’ll lie on your stomach, back or side to complete your adjustment, though a seated adjustment may also be indicated sometimes. Hand-to-hand contact is made, then a force is applied to make the adjustment.

Step One: Analysis

Before any adjustment is given, Chiropractor Dr Estelle Oertel will perform a thorough evaluation. You’ll love our comprehensive approach, with assessments that include orthopaedic and neurological testing, posture check and more.

Step Two: The Adjustment

Once your unique, individual needs have been determined through an examination, the adjustment can begin. Estelle will tell you exactly what she’s doing before proceeding so that you feel fully informed. With the manual Diversified technique, Estelle applies her hands to the spine and uses pressure to establish proper movement in the spine and any other joints that require attention.

Will I Hear a Popping Sound?

Yes, sometimes. This is the chiropractic technique that people generally associate with an audible noise during the adjustment. Rather than being a cause for concern, the noise is due to gas being released from the joint that is being adjusted. It doesn’t indicate that any discomfort is involved.

Still don’t think you want a manual adjustment? That’s okay! Some people love it while others prefer a softer technique. Estelle is also a practitioner of Activator Methods®, an instrument-based technique that you may wish to have. If so, please inform her of your preferences and she will accommodate you.


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