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What to Expect

Welcome to Rhapsody’s Chiropractic and Wellness. In our cozy and friendly environment, you’ll know you’re in the right place to get natural healthcare!

Appointments can be conveniently booked online. Rhapsody’s runs paperless! After your Initial Consultation is booked, Dr Estelle Oertel (Chiropractor) will send you an email with a link to follow to fill out the necessary paperwork online. Once you press the submit button, your file automatically gets updated in our office program. This way we get most of the paperwork out of the way and focus on your health when you arrive for your initial consultation. Your responses will help Estelle understand better how she may be able to help you. She also can give her best recommendations about suggested care programs.

You will receive a reminder text the day before your appointment with all the information you need for your initial consultation, including where to park and other important information for this visit. There is no need to worry if you dont have access to the internet or a computer before your appointment to complete the paperwork online. We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment time and we will hand you the paperwork to complete on one of our office iPads or paper if you choose.

Your responses will help Estelle understand better how she may be able to help you. She also can give her best recommendations about suggested care programs.

Estelle will perform several assessments. These include

  • Posture checks
  • Neurological testing
  • Orthopaedic testing
  • A spinal examination

She will recommend spinal X-rays if deemed clinically necessary. These can determine the condition and position of your spine and stress areas. The X-rays also can reveal the likely progression of your spine with time before we start with your care program. Estelle will inform you during your initial consultation if X-rays are required before we can start with your care program.

After she has performed all of the required tests and determined that it is safe to do so, Estelle can provide your initial adjustments on the same day.

During the Report of Findings visit, Estelle will go over the X-rays and findings. She also will ask some questions about your experience after your initial adjustment. You will have an opportunity to ask her any questions you may have or thought of since our initial visit.

At this appointment, she will discuss the outcome goals you both have for your chiropractic care. Estelle will let you know how she will go about that. She will make her best recommendations providing chiropractic care for you.

Please allow 30 minutes for this appointment.

Your regular visits usually only take 10-15 minutes. Sometimes an extended appointment is required that may take an additional 20-25 minutes. Estelle will ask you if you have any questions. She also will give you stretching exercises.
We work together with other like-minded health professionals for inter-practitioner referral if required to maximize your results.

Estelle performs regular progress reviews to monitor your progress and ensure that we remain on track with the outcomes we agree to at the start of your care program.

Once we reached the outcomes we set out at the start of your care program, you will be given the opportunity to stop care or continue with a different level of care, which Estelle will present and make available to you.

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Estelle accepts credit cards, EFTPOS and cash. You also can elect to set up a direct debit. Contact Rhapsody’s Chiropractic and Wellness today to book an appointment with Estelle!

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