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Proper Sitting and Posture

woman sitting at desk with neck painThe more time we spend sitting, the more strain we put on different areas of our spine. The key to a pain-free back while sitting is maintaining a neutral posture. This means you need to maintain the natural curves of your spine — no over-flexing or overarching — to keep it in balance while sitting at your work desk.

Proper Sitting Posture Tips

  • Sit up straight. Do not slouch.
  • Keep your head level in line with your shoulder with your chin slightly tucked in.
  • Avoid leaning forward, this puts extra pressure on your spinal column.
  • Your shoulders should not be rounded forward. You should not be leaning to the side.
  • Your arms should be parallel to the floor.
  • Your wrists should be maintained at elbow level.
  • Ensure your back is flush against the chair.
  • Your hips should be even and your knees bent at 90 degrees and pointing straight ahead.
  • Your feet should settle on the floor, or on a footrest.
  • Take breaks every 30 minutes. Sitting places high levels of stress on your back.
  • During these breaks, get up and move all your joints from your feet to your head. Stretch your muscles. Increase blood circulation.
  • Also use this opportunity to drink some water.
  • Allow your eyes to look outside where there is natural light. Blue light filtering glasses have been recommended by Optometrists to help reduce eye strain.
  • Change tasks as often as possible. Limit work to 30 minutes per task.

Just like our mothers always told us: We need to sit up straight. It matters more than ever when you’re spending long hours at your desk.



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